2-Card Poker: quick guide how to play it

2-Card Poker: quick guide how to play it



In our newest online poker perfect strategy guide we will talk a little bit about the 2-Card Poker, giivng you some explanation on the rules and tips how to play it. Are you ready to go?


This game can be found in many casinos. Don’t take its name quite literally, because both the dealer and the player are dealt four cards, not two. The game itself is not complicated at all. In order to play it, you will need a standard deck of 52 cards. Before seeing any cards, you will have to make an ante wager. When your bet is placed, you will get four cards by the dealer. In the 2-Card Poker the players are playing against themselves and against the dealer. The goal is to settle all ante and bet wagers.


Once the all bets are placed, the players have the option to fold their cards or choose two cards to play, placing an equal bet to their original ante wager. In case there are winning ante and bet wagers, they are paying even money.


Another thing to know: the dealer is obligated to qualify with at least a Jack-High Flush in order to pay both the ante and bet wagers. If this doesn’t happen, the only payoff is going to be on the ante wager.


For some of you it might sound a little bit confusing, but in reality is not much different than the Three-Card-Poker. Just like the Three-Card-Poker, you’re being able to make some additional wagers. For example, they can be a 2-card bonus or a 4-card bonus.


This is our quick guide for playing 2-Card Poker, delivered to you in our newest online poker perfect strategy guide. Will you give it a chance?