A Brief History of Bingo

A Brief History of Bingo


If you think about it for a moment, you’d find out that Bingo is a pretty old game. But how old exactly? Let’s take a look at its history in our the best casino strategy to win big.


In the way we know the game today, Bingo is a kind of lottery. The history of the game leads us few centuries back in time,, when the game was brought to Italy. It becomes a part of the Italian National Lottery, with the game being held every Saturday. It gains popularity very fast. Today the National Lottery is important for the country’s budget, contributing with more than 70 million dollars every year.


Bingo was brought to Italy in 1778 from France. In France they were calling it Le Lotto with the game being played mainly by the rich people in the country.


In 1920 Bingo crossed the Ocean. The game was introduced to the American people, who called it “Beano”. In America the game was introduced to people during carnavals and people really started loving it.


In America there was a man called Edwin Lowe, who really loved the game. He changed the game’s rules, made some modifications and created a new game, which he called “Bingo”. He also raised the number of combinations on the bingo cards, making it even more popular. To do so, Lowe hired a man called Carl Leffler, who was a professor at the Columbia University. He did his job well, devising 6000 new bingo cards with non-repeating groups.


This is our brief history of Bingo, which we provided you in the best casino strategy to win big. Today Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. This is a game of chance, so it’s difficult to have a strategy here. But it’s really fun to play.