Choosing games which fit your goals and personality – it’s kind of important

Choosing games which fit your goals and personality – it’s kind of important



Everytime when you enter the casino, you should ask yourself a question – what’s your exact goal and which games fit your personality the best way?

There are different type of players. Some prefer to aim for the big jackpots, even if it means losing a lot on a frequent basis. Other people prefer to have a small, but frequent win here and there, even if it means that they are rarely hitting anything big. And there are some people who are in between.

Let’s take the three reel games for exampe. We can say that they are putting more emphasis on the big jackpots, but in same time their hit frequency is kind of low. There are more losing spins as well. These kind of games are giving you the chance to win it big, but in same time you can lose your money pretty fast, too.

In another example, the video slots with pick’em bonuses have a very high hit frequency, but the wins are much smaller. This kind of games are securing you extended play, but forget about the big jackpot.

The video slots which feature free spins as their main bonus are usually somewhere between the three reel and the pick’em games.

When doing the free spins, you are making no additional bets and you can win anything up to the big jackpot. But in the same time it’s also possible to win nothing.

The so called zero-bonus probability in some way balances the possibility of a higher win than what you’d see in the pick’em bonuses.

It’s your job to find the type of games which offer you the biggest value and fit your personality in the best way possible. Think carefully about this, because different games are offering different type of experiences. Follow us for more online casino bonus codes 2020.