Different types of slot machines – a quick guide

Different types of slot machines – a quick guide



When we talk about casino games, we can’t forget slots. Slots are among the most popular and loved games by casino lovers, because of many different reasons. Some people are simply finding them very exciting to play, while some other prefer them because they don’t require some specific skill set in order to enjoy them. In this quick guide, provided to you by our slots how to play tutorials, we are going to present you the different types of slot machines.


The are two main type of slots – reel slots and video slots. Let’s take a look at them and see what are the main differences.


The reel slots have physical reels, which are being spinned. The good old land-based casinos are usually the place where you can find them. Some people are often calling them “fruit machines”, because of the symbols there.


Video slots can be played in the same way as the reel slots, but one of the biggest differences is that they usually have much bigger number of paylines. One of the main reasons why people love them so much is because of their great visuals and pretty amazing computer graphics. The players have the freedom to make a choice from different games, which are usually based on things like movies, music and different themes.


Which casino has the most slot machines? This is an interesting question, indeed. As fas as we know, the Maryland Live! Casino can currently offer you more than 4000 slot machines. Now this is a lot of slots to choose from, there’s no doubt about that.


This was our quick guide about the different slot machines you can choose from. Keep it up with our slots how to play tutorials for some more useful info like this one. Good luck!