Famous Sports Stars Who Became Good in Poker (Part 1)

Famous Sports Stars Who Became Good in Poker (Part 1)



Poker is a very popular game among famous sports stars. Many of them are just loving the game and they even go to the big tournaments, showing their skills versus professional players. In this article, while we are preparing you some new video poker big wins strategies, we will present you some of the best poker players among famous sportsmen.


Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal, one of the best tennis players in history, is a vivid poker fan, too. In some period of time he was even an ambassador of PokerStars – one of the biggest companies in the world of online poker. We guess Rafa is not as good at poker as he’s at tennis, but he’s still having some fun while playing.


Gerard Pique


Gerard Pique is a world class footballer, who currently plays for FC Barcelona. He’s famous for his relationship to the pop star Shakira, but also for his love for poker. Few years ago he participated at the WSOP in Las Vegas, showing what he can do against professional players.


Boris Becker


Legendary tennis player, the German Boris Becker is another big name who just loves playing the mighty game of poker. In his career he have achieved some success at competitions as the WPT and the EPT, winnins some serious cash.


Michael Phelps


The most decorated Olympian ever Michael Phelps is playing a lot of poker after his retirement. He’s visiting Las Vegas on an ordinary basis to test his skills at the table, while poker professionals like Antonio Esfandiari are among his friends. If he’s as determined in poker as he was in swimming, maybe he’d be a major player in future.


These are some of the famous sports stars who are not hiding their love for poker. Keep up with us and our video poker big wins strategies in future!