Famous Sports Stars Who Became Good in Poker (Part 2)

Famous Sports Stars Who Became Good in Poker (Part 2)



Just as we said in our previous article there are a lot of sports stars who are actually huge fans of poker. Some of them are so passionate about the game that they even visit professional tournaments here and there. In this part of our perfect casino strategy to win big guides, we will reveal to you some more famous sportsmen who are obsessed about poker.


Luis Suarez


Regarded as one of the best strikers in football, Luis Suarez just loves to chill in his free time while playing the legendary card game. The online poker giant 888 signed a contract with him to be one of their ambassadors, but the contract was broken after he bited Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup. Still, it didn’t affect his love for the game.




Not to be mistaken to Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazilian football star Ronaldo is a huge fan of poker. He started playing a lot after retiring from football and he even became friends with famous Brazilian poker player Andre Akkari. Ronaldo played at some tournaments, too, winning some cash.


Teddy Sheringham


During his peak years Teddy Sheringham was one of the finest strikers in English football. In 1999 he won the Champions League with Manchester United and he was been regularly called for the English national team, too. One of his best poker results is finishing 5th in the EPT Vilamoura, which won him more than $100,000 dollars.


Shane Warne


An international cricket star, Shane Warne met headlines in 2010 when he finished third in the Victoria Poker Championship and won more than $35,000.


These are some of the most well known sports stars who are regularly at the poker tables and occasionally they even win some prizes. Keep up with our perfect casino strategy to win big for more interesting articles like this one.