Famous Sports Stars Who Became Good in Poker (Part 3)

Famous Sports Stars Who Became Good in Poker (Part 3)



It’s a pretty normal thing nowdays to see famous people being obsessed by poker. In our previous two articles we revealed to you a lot of stars of modern sport who are never stopping playing the big game. Let’s see some more of them, while we are preparing some top slots reviews advices for you.


Richard Seymour


The NFL star Richard Seymour is actually pretty serious about his poker career. The three time Superbowl winner started showing some impressive results in 2014, playing at different poker tournaments from the WPT and WSOP category. In 2018 he made headlines when he finished at third place at the Roller event at the PCA, which secured him more than $370,000 in cash.


Paul Pierce


Paul Pierce is a former player of the Boston Celtics who has played in the NBA for almost 20 years. He’s now retired from a long time, but he keeps his desire to be competitive at the poker table. He even tried his skills at the World Series of Poker.


Neymar Jr.


Neymar Jr. is one of the biggest football stars in the world, playing for PSG and the Brazilian national team. He’s known as a guy who loves to party, but also as a guy who never stops playing poker. He’s still improving his skills, but he’s getting better with each year. Maybe he will focus on poker much more when he finishes playing football.


Tony Cascarino


Tony Cascarino is a former footballer who used to play for the Irish national team. In his career he have played more than 600 club games and he’s a pretty well known name in Ireland. Since his retirement Cascarino started playing poker on a regular basis. One of his biggest achievements is winning almost $300,000 at the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour. It’s believed that so far he has won more than half a million from poker.


These are some of the most famous sports stars who are also in love with poker. Stay with us for more interesting info and some more top slots reviews.