Five Essential Tips for Playing Sic Bo

Five Essential Tips for Playing Sic Bo



There’s a huge possibility that you’ve already heard about Sic Bo – a fast paced dice game, which originates from China. The game’s popularity is increasing in the last few years and many people see the potential in it. In today’s article, part of our casino top deals to win big, we will give you some essential tips for getting better at Sic Bo. Let’s go!


Bet only on small and big


The most experienced players will always tell you this – the best bets in Sic Bo are the ones which are small or big. The goal here is to focus on range of numbers rathan than a specific value. In small and big bets you’re reducing the house edge and this is always a good thing to do.


Triples? Just avoid them


Triple bet is basically when you expect that all of the three dices will come up to one number. Yes – we understand that the payout is pretty good, but what about the chances of this thing to happen? Let’s say it like this – they are pretty slim.


Don’t make stupid bets


It sounds obvious, but you won’t believe how many people are making foolish bets on Sic Bo everyday. Just don’t make bets where you are giving the house a huge edge.


You actually don’t need betting systems


Do you want to hear one big secret about betting systems? The truth is that many of them don’t actually work. The research is showing that in Sic Bo there ain’t even one system which could guarantee you a reduce of the house edge. Don’t waste your money buying systems, they rarely work.


Focus on betting on single numbers


That’s a clever advice when it comes to Sic Bo. In this game a single number bet means that you expect at least one of the three dices will land on a specific number.


These are some of the most essential Sic Bo tips we could have give you in our casino top deals to win big today. We wish you good luck.