Five poker terms you must know before playing

Five poker terms you must know before playing


If you’re new to the world of poker then maybe you are starting to see that there are many unknown terms the more experienced players are using. Don’t worry – it’s never too late to learn the traditional poker “slang”. In this article, which is part of our video poker startegy win, we will explain to you five famous poker terms.


Dead Man’s Hand


Dead Man’s Hand means when you have two pair of aces and eights. In poker it’s believed that Dead Man’s Hand brings bad luck because famous gambler “Wild Bill” Hickok was killed while holding two pairs of aces and eights. The fifth card remains unknown.




A-Game is when you are “in the zone”, playing your best poker. This is when you are at your highest level and your decisions are leaving you unstoppable at the table.


Dark Bet


In poker “dark bet” is when the player is announcing his bet before the cards are being dealt. This means that the player is “in the dark”.


Doyle Brunson


Named after the famous poker player Doyle Brunson, this is when you have a 10-2 hand in Holdem. It’s called after Brunson because this is the hand with which he won the World Championship twice.


Shaka Zulu


Named after the famous leader of the African Zulu people, Shaka Zulu is when you have a black King. Or in the case of a pair – king of spades and king of clubs.


These are five of the famous poker terms which are usually being used among the players in the form of a slang. It’s always useful to know the poker terminology, because sometimes this could give you a better look at the game in the particular moment. For more interesting articles about poker keep up with our video poker strategy to win.