Flop poker – learn how to play it

Flop poker – learn how to play it



Let’s talk about flop poker a little bit. What’s flop poker and how to play it? We are going to discuss it today in our video poker strategy. Let’s go.


Expained in simple words, flop poker is using regular poker rules in order to create an easy to play table game. There’s a pot of money you can win, entirely supported by the player. In the whole picture you could also find a good jackpot, chipped-in by the house.


As you can suggest by the game’s name, the flop poker is using the flop as an integral part of what’s happening. The players are using a single deck of 52 cards. There are no jokers or wild cards. It’s a pretty typical house game, so the dealer is controlling the cards and the playoffs. But in the same time the players are actually competing against each other in order to win the player-banked pot of money.


What are the rules?


The flop poker’s rules are not complicated at all. In order to start playing, every player has to make an Ante wager and a Pot wager. The Ante could be any amount of money that fits the table limits. The Pot wager is the table minimum. When the game begins, every player recieves three cards, which are face down at the table. When all of the cards are out, the player can look at his cards.


After the players view their cars, they can either fold their hand and lose the Ante bet, or raise with a Flop bet in order to equal their Ante wager. Even if it happens that you fold and lose your Ante wager, you retain your cards. This means that you still have a chance to win the pot.


Here comes the flop


Now it comes the time for the dealer to puts up the flop. There are three cards for all the players to use. But here comes the difference with the traditional Hold’em – the players have to use three of their own cards with any two of the flop ones. As the hand is over there’s no additional wagering. The players who have an Ante wager or a Flop wager will win at least a pair of jack, depending to the pay table.


What strategy to use?


To be honest with you, there ain’t much of a strategy when we talk about flop poker. This game is pretty much perfect for the people who want to play poker, but don’t have the ambition to spend months in order to improve their skills.


That’s the rules of flop poker we presented you in our video poker strategy guide. We wish you good luck with this game.