How online casinos are trying to outsmart you with their withdrawal pending period

How online casinos are trying to outsmart you with their withdrawal pending period


Here’s something important you have to remember about casinos in general – from the first second you make a deposit or start spending your money, they are trying to get everything you have. That’s a part of their nature, simpe as that. One of the tricks different online casinos usually try to use is the irritating pending period when it comes to your desire to withdrawal your money. Let’s talk about it during our casino top deals today.


If you’ve been a customer of an online casino so far, you probably already know that most of them require a pending period of few days before they transfer the money you won to your bank account. At some casinos it takes even more than four days.


Why are they doing it?


It’s quite simple. The casinos are hoping that you’d get impatient with waiting for the withdrawal to be completed, so you’d just cancel the withdrawal and start playing again. And this is exactly what the casino hopes for, because their main goal is to take from you all the money you’ve got.


The truth is that most of the casinos are implementing this strategy in order to boost their profits and take even more money from their customers.


Of course, not all of the online casinos are “black sheeps”, when it comes to this. There are some companies which complete the withdrawal process for around 24 hours, which is pretty good.


Our advice to you is to do a little research about which casinos are doing quick withdrawal before you make a registration.


That’s our quick tip in our casino top deals about how casinos could be a little dirty about the process of withdrawing your money from them. If they tell you that they are going to need four or five days to transfer you the money, don’t get impatient and just wait for the money to come.