How to act like a poker pro even if you’re not one

How to act like a poker pro even if you’re not one



Winning at poker is really related to the art of bluffing. Even if you don’t have the best hands on the table, you can still win the game if you make the other players believe you are better than them. Even if you’re not. But how can you make yourself look like a poker God, even if you’re not one? Let us give you few tips during our casino bonus hunting strategy for today.


Pick the right clothes


You must remember this – the best poker players in the world are actually not wearing some expensive and fancy suits. No, they are keeping it very simple – a pair of jeans and some ordinary polo can do the work. Don’t dress like a clown, because nobody is going to take you seriously.


You must know the rules at some basic level


You might not be among the best players on Earth, but still you must know the basics of the game. We are not speaking about you being a walking poker encyclopedia. But you must know the basic things.


The poker language – you must know how to speak it


You can’t possibly fit in the poker community if you don’t know the way the poker players talk. There is a certain terminology you must know how to use. Do your homework before sitting on the table with the poker pros.


The big names in poker – you must know them


You can’t possibly be a soccer fan if you don’t know who Cristiano Ronaldo is, right? It’s the same with poker. A lot of the poker players love namedropping and to mention their favourite players. If you want to fit in, you must know some names.


Don’t forget to tip


The hardcore poker players never forget to tip. It’s part of the game, you can’t be cheap while you’re playing to win thousands of dollars. Never forget to tip, this is a rule.


That’s some of our tips how to look like a professional poker player, even if you’re not one. Keep up with our casino bonus hunting strategy for more useful info like this.