How to become a VIP in your online casino

How to become a VIP in your online casino



If you’re a regular at the online casinos, most probably you’ve noticed that some players have recieved the VIP badge. This means that now they are a different type of customers – more privilieged ones. But how to become a VIP player? Let’s discuss this in our casino bonus hunting strategy for today.


Before we begin, let’s clarify – what exactly does it mean to be a VIP player?


Well, it means that the casino is giving you some good stuff. For example – better bonuses and promotions, some better customer service and things like this.


Who can get the VIP badge then? Surely it’s not everyone. You must be a really regular customer in order to claim your VIP status. It means that you must play a lot at the casino and spend a lot of money as well.


Now here it comes the question – am I worthy for the VIP badge? Can I get it? What should I do in order to check out?


It’s pretty simple – just ask.


Contact the customer support and tell them that you think you’ve played enough to be consideder a VIP customer. Ask them to forward your message to the managers.


Here’s a clever trick you can try. Tell them that another online casino already offered you the VIP status, so you might continue playing only there. Yes – it might be a small lie, we understand this, but you’re not hurting anyone, right?


There’s a big chance that the casino will actually accept your request, just because they would like to keep you as a customer. Here’s the thing – the competition in this business is enormous, so different casinos try everything to keep their customers.


This is the tip we can give you about VIP status in our casino bonus hunting strategy. We wish you good luck.