When you’re playing roulette in the casino, you might want to tip the dealer, if you’re satisfied with the way he’s doing his job. Or if you’re thinking that his presence is bringing you luck. Here is how to tip him – an information, provided to you by our best ever roulette systems.

One of the most important things, of course, is the level you’re currently playing at. Here’s what we mean. If your regular wager is just $1, then it’d be pretty strange if you leave a $5 tip to the dealer, right?

Another important thing to consider is how often you’re tipping the dealer. If you intend to do it every time you win, then you can find yourself running out of money pretty quickly. And you don’t want a thing like this to happen. A pretty ordinary thing is to tip the dealer once on every 4 or 5 wins. This way you can show him/her your appreciation and keep your balance in check.

How exactly to tip the dealer? Well, here’s how you can do it. Take some of your chips (the amount you want to tip) and place them close to the dealer, but outside of the roulette board. This is how the dealer will be aware that these money are for him. It’s a pretty simple etiquette, the dealers know how these things work.

There are many reasons to tip, if you like the dealer. Just think about it – most of the dealers make most of their earnings from tips, not from their regular salaries. If you like the guy, show him your appreciation. You’d quickly find that if the dealer is happy, then you will enjoy a better game as well. Plus, when the other players at the table see you tipping, they might want to tip as well.

This is how to tip your roulette dealer in the correct way. Stay with us, because we have a lot more to offer you with our best ever roulette system.