Main advantages and disadvantages of flat betting in roulette

Main advantages and disadvantages of flat betting in roulette



Today in our roulette betting strategy guide we are going to talk about the so called flat betting strategy. Explained in a few simple words, this the strategy in which you basically bet the same amount of money again and again.


Many people don’t like flat betting, because here are simply bound to lose to the house edge. This is because the house will always have an edge against you – 2.7% for European roulette and 5.26% for American roulette. Some of the flat betting strategy criticis love to say that with this strategy you can never get ahead and the zero is always giving the house a crucial edge.


We can say what one of flat betting’s big advantages is that you could get ahead of the house in a really early phase, if you have luck with the numbers. But in same time you can’t be sure that this is going to happen.


Here are some of the major advantages when it comes to flat betting:


  • It’s pretty much a steady thing, so you have a clear idea how much you are going to bet on the next spin.


  • Even if you’re suffering losses, they won’t be much in the matter of few spins. It’s different from the Martingale system in this aspect, for example.


  • If you’re lucky enough, well – you can win.


And here are some of the most well known disadvantages about the flat betting:


  • To be honest with you, your chances of scoring a profit are not really that big.


  • In the long term, the house’s edge will be decisive.


  • You could get bored to bet the same amount again and again.


These are some of the major advantages and disadvantages about the flat betting in roulette. How you can see, this system doesn’t look really promising, so think about it before deciding to try it. That’s our tip regardind the flat betting we offered you in our roulette betting strategy.