Movies about gambling you just have to see (part 1)

Movies about gambling you just have to see (part 1)


Do you love gambling? If you’re currently reading this website then the answer is probably “yes”. If it’s so most likely you’d be happy to know that there are some fantastic movies about gambling you can watch or stream right now. Let’s see some of them in this article while we look for some new slots jackpot party for you.


Casino (1995)


Casino is one of the Martin Scorsese’s amazing mob classics, having names like Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci in the cast. In this movie we can see De Niro in the role of Sam “Ace” Rothstein – a well known mob figure who runs one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Watching Casino you can actually learn a lot about the ways a big casino works and some of the little secrets we all want to figure out. It’s a true classic.


Casino Royale (2006)


Some people don’t like Casino Royale very much, but we think this is one of the best James Bond movies we have watched in the last two decades. It’s also Daniel Craig’s first role as 007. One of the most memoriable scenes in the movie is the one where Bond shows his poker skills.


Ocean’s 11 (2001)


Ocean’s 11 is arguably one of the funniest movies we have ever watched. It tells the story of the thief Danny Ocean and his friends who decide to rob three of the biggest and best known casinos in Las Vegas – the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand. Although gambling is not really the focus here, you can still feel the unique atmosphere in these amazing casinos.


These are three of the best movies ever which include gambling or casino buildings. If you have not watched them so far, fix this and do it! And keep following us for some fantastic slots jackpot party offers.