My country is banned from the online casino. Why is that?

My country is banned from the online casino. Why is that?



It’s kind of unpleasant feeling when it happens – you find an online casino which really looks good, but then you are getting a suprising message – people from your country are banned from the casino. But why this happens? Let’s examine this subject in one of our roulette wheel online articles.


Most often this thing happens because of the laws in your country. Many countries have laws which are related to the online casinos, which are regarded illegal. For example, are you aware that New Jersey and Delaware are the only places in the USA, where you’re allowed to play in online casinos?


Yes – there are some online casinos who find a way to evade the law, but you must be very careful with them, because usually these sites are not regulated. This means that you won’t have the protections you’d usually have, if the casino is regulated.


In same time, there are countries in which not all of the online casinos are banned, but only a few of them are actually licensed to function.


If you’re currently not aware if your country has a law like this or not, you can check it out on Google, for example.


Fraud is another reason why a certain online casino could actually ban all of the players from your country. It really sucks if you play by the books, but sometimes it happens. We agree that a move like this is not entirely fair, but the casinos who do this are usually doing it because they don’t want a headache like this.


In other words, it’s a really unpleasant situation for you, if your country is flagged or if there’s a law like this currently in action. In most of the time, there ain’t much you can do, but just hope that things will change soon.


This is one of our roulette wheel online articles in which we discussed why you might be not allowed to play in the online casino.