New Slot Games To Try in 2019, pt. 1

New Slot Games To Try in 2019, pt. 1



Slot machines are always going to be one of the most exciting things in every casino. No matter if you’re playing in the casino online or offline, slots will always be catching your eye. That’s simply because they’re a lot of fun. In 2019 there are some new slot games which were presented to us. Here are some of them, being presented to you in our slots casino games guides.




You like the jungle? Then maybe you should try this one here. This is a 75-line video slot on a grid with five reels. Each one is four symbols deep. If you start playing, you will see that everytime when a statue symbol lands on the reel, there will be an activation of an icon, which is displayed above the reel. When you continue to spin, you’ll be collecting some more statues. When you get the free games bonus, you can select your bonus play volatility. Plus, the graphics are really cool here.




We know very well that IGT are just pioneers, when it comes to slots with progressive jackpots. Here you’re getting a new lock and re-spin feature. In the beginning, the feature is only avaliable on two themes: Feline Fortune and Egyptian Fortune. If you manage to collect four or six link symbols in the base, then you’ll see the Fortune Link series being triggered. Your goal now is to collect as much Fortune Link symbols as possible. This will give you a bigger prize.


These are two of the new slot games you can try in 2019, presented to you in our slots casino games guides. Try them for yourself and see if you’re going to be interested. We wish you a good luck, my friend!