Online gambling – a business that keeps growing

Online gambling – a business that keeps growing



How big exactly is online gambling? We will give you a hint – it’s very, very big. This statement was now proven by another research, conducted by Juniper Research. It says that until 2022, the total global wagers will hit the impressive number of 1 trillion dollars. Let’s talk a little bit more about this in our online casino reviews.


Juniper Research’s research is valid for the time between 2018 and 2022. Long story short, it says that we shall expect a spectacular growth of the industry we love so much – the gambling industry.


The research says that the global wagers will hit 1 trillion dollars by 2022, while the people who gamble, more or less, will be around 684 million. When you think about it, this makes some impressive number. Have you thought that so many people actually love to gamble?


According to Juniper Research’s data, the casino vertical will continue to be the biggest avenue of growth in the next few years.


Another thing which the researchers from Juniper point out is this: one of the biggest reasons for this growth of the gambling industry are some important legal changes which are happening in the United States. More and more states are fighting for the right to offer sports betting to their residents, which is big news. The American market is absolutely huge, so this would change a lot of things.


The nice people from Juniper Research are also saying that the innovations in the mobile and VR technology are also helping the gambling industry to move forward.


In other words, it’s a pretty good time to be part of the gambling industry. This is a business which keeps growing at a fast pace. In our online casino reviews today we can conclude that this industry will just get bigger and bigger in future.