Quick Tip: When NOT to Play Max Coins on Video Poker

Quick Tip: When NOT to Play Max Coins on Video Poker



If you’re searching the web for some good video poker tips, probably you have read a lot of information regarded to max coins and when to play them. This article is going to be a little bit different, because we will explain you when to avoid playing the max coins. Here are our video poker perfect strategy tips for today.


Usually one of the best things you can do in video poker is to bet the maximum amount of coins possible. Most of the video poker machines are allowing you to make a five coin wager. If you are lucky enough to hit a top hand the machine would give you a bonus.


Betting the maximum coins possible is also a way to lower the house edge, which is why many players play like this. But here are some situations when you would be adviced not to play with max coins.


When you are learning a new game


Learning a new video poker game is pretty cool, because you are learning new tricks and you’re improving your skills. But you can also make some mistakes while still perfecting your craft. Because of this you might lose some serious money, if you decide to bet the max coins on a game which is not mastered by you yet. First see what’s going on and later decide to dig deeper in your pockets.


Much better house edge than usual


Many players actually don’t know this, but if you make a just one coin bet on a machine like 9/6 Jacks or Better, this would make you face a house edge much better than any slot machine you can find. We are talking here about a house edge lower than 2%!


Leave the max coins if you’re not paying enough attention


If you’re absolutely focused on playing – it’s good. But if you went to the casino with your friends and you just want to play some games while drinking your beer, buddy – just forget about playing with max coins. The lack of focus increases your chances of just losing your money.


That’s some of the video poker perfect strategy tips we could give you about playing with max coins on video poker machines. Be careful with your money – don’t forget that!