Slot machines RNG – what exactly is this?

Slot machines RNG – what exactly is this?


If you’re new in the always exciting world of the slot machines, then you’ve probably stumbled on the abbreviation RNG. And you have wonderred – what exactly is this? Fear no more, because we are going to provide you with some explanation during our slots how to play tutorial for today.


The slot machines are working in a very simple way. No matter which kind of slot you decide do play, it’s functioning like this: you’re placing your bet and you’re taking the spin. Here comes the moment when the machine’s chip is going to decide in a random way if you’re going to win or lose.


If you’re going to take some money home or not is being decided by the slot machine’s RNG – the random number generator. When it’s calculating its decision, the RNG is actually cycling through thousands of different number sequences per second. It stops exactly when the player hits the “Stop” button as well.


In case you think you could find some pattern in the way the RNG works, we are going to dissapoint you – there’s no pattern, everything happens as a completely unique event everytime. Don’t waste your time using your math skills here – there’s no point in doing this.


In order to make sure that the slot machines are functioning as they are supposed to, their RNG’s are being tested (and certified) by licensed to do so agencies. The main purpose is to make sure that the machines are not rigged and absolutely fair to the players. Which is actually the point here, right?


That’s what the slot machines’ RNG’s are. These random number generators are the reason why you can be sure that the slot machines are fair and they work in a random way. For more tutorials like this make sure to follow our slots how to play tutorials.