These are some of the worst casino bets you can make

These are some of the worst casino bets you can make



It’s not a secret that different casino games have different house edge as well. Basically this means that some games are giving you a higher chance to win than others. It’s just the way these games are built and how they operate. Today in our best online casino strategy to win big we will present you some of the games with the biggest house edge, which are giving you a smaller chance for success.


Live Keno


More experienced players would tell you that Live Keno is very similar to lottery. In other words, pure luck is pretty important here. When we talk about Live Keno, we are talking about house edge which could increase to 25 percent or higher. That’s pretty big.


Big Six Wheel


That’s a pretty old carnival game, where the odds are more or less equally bad. The house edge could be increased to 24 percent.


Baccarat Tie Bet


When playing Baccarat, there are some bets which are very good to make. But make no mistkae – the Baccarat Tie Bet is not one of them. Because of its 14.36 percent house edge, we’d advice you to choose the banker or player bets.


Blackjack Insurance Bet


Here we are talking about another side bet which it’d be better to avoid at any cost. It’s really questionable what’s the insurance here when we are speaking of a house edge of 8 percent.


Blackjack Hunch Play


Remember that sometimes deviating from the basic Blackjack could bring you a lot of trouble. For example, when playing hunches you could face 20 percent or more of house edge.


American Roulette


When we’re talking about American Roulette – the one with double zero, we’re talking about a house edge of 5.26 percent. That’s why we’re always advicing you to play the European roulette with one zere, where the house edge is much smaller – 2.7 percent.


That’s some of the games or bets in the casino with a pretty high house edge. In our best online casino strategy to win big we advice you to think twice before trying these ones.