Three essential tips for winning on Sic Bo

Three essential tips for winning on Sic Bo



Sic Bo is a pretty ancient Chinese game which millions of people play even today, while in the casino or online. In other articles we have talked about the rules of Sic Bo, but today in our best casino strategy to win big we will provide you with some essential tips how to be more successful while playing the game. Let’s begin!


Betting on too many areas? Nope, it’s a bad idea.


If you’re usually playing Sic Bo online then you know that you can actually place multiple bets at the same time. The online casinos are allowing it, at least in most of the cases. We don’t recommend doing this, though.


Before doing this, ask yourself two questions – what are the chances to win all your bets and is the payout even worth it? When you answer yourself these two questions, then take the decision.


It’s better to place most of your bets on big or small area.


If you have some experience in Sic Bo then you probably already know this – in this game you’d find the best odds at the big or the small area. But if you get bored with playing in the same way all of the time, well – feel free to do some experiments here and there. It won’t hurt, we guess.


The gambler’s fallacy – don’t fall for it.


Do you know what is gambler’s falacy? In the world of gambling this is something like a myth. It says that if something is happening on a frequent basis, then later on it would happen more rarely. This is actually false simply because it’s gambling we are talking about – everything is just a matter of chance. Sic Bo is not an exception.


These are three of the essential tips about Sic Bo we can give you right now. Come back for more within our best casino strategy to win big.