Three of the strangest casino games you can find

Three of the strangest casino games you can find



We all know some casino classics as roulette, blackjack, poker or slots. But if you’re a regular at the casino, you probably know that there are many other different games you can try. And some of them are really strange. Today in our casino strategy slots we will present you some of the strangest games you can find in the casino.




Some might say that dreidel is a game, which is pretty similar to the European game of teetotum. It’s very popular among the Jewish comunity, especially when they are celebrating Hanukkah.


In order to play dreidel, you need a spinning top with four sides. Each one of the sides have a specific letter, painted on it. These are letters from the Hebrew alphabet – Nun, Gimel, Hei and Shin.


The rules are simple. Every players brings different objects with him, which are being put in a pot. Then every player has the chance to spin the dreidel. Depending on which side it faces, it determines what the player wins from the pot.


Belgium Birdsong


This is a pretty unusual game, when we speak of gambling. Basically, here you have song birds, which are redesigned to cages and placed at different parts of the casino floor. What the players must do is place their bets on the bird they think is going to sing the loudest and for the longest. It’s quite a strange game, but this is what they love in the good old Belgium.


Rodent Roulette


In case you don’t think this is an animal cruelty, most probably you’re going to love the rodent roulette.


Just like the traditional roulette, the players are placing their bets on numbers or colours. The big difference is that the croupier is not spinning the wheel, like they usually do, but placing a rodent in a box on the wheel. What you do is waiting to see in which pocket or hole the rodent is going to hide in.


These are three of the strangest casino games we can think of right now. For more interesting articles like this, keep following our casino strategy slots.