Today we are going to discuss the so called “reverse Martingale” strategy

The Martingale system is one of the most famous systems in the world of gambling, if not the most famous. We have talked about it already. Today we are going to discuss the so called “reverse Martingale” strategy.

Given the name of the strategy, you already get the idea behind it. It’s basically doing the opposite of what you are doing with the Martingale.

With the Martingale you’re usually raising your bets when you suffer a loss. With the reverse Martingale strategy, you’re doing the opposite – you’re increasing them when you win and you lower them when you lose. The point here is pretty simple – you shall enjoy bigger success when you’re on a hot streak and limit your losses when times are not good and your luck is missing.

The reverse Martingale in steps


When you’re looking for a table to play on, find one with a hign max bet and a small minimum.

Choose black or red and place a small bet. If you don’t feel like betting on colours, choose 1-18 or 19-36.

Your wager shall stay on the same spot of the table until you make a hit. If you are suffering losses, keep your bets in small amounts.

When your luck arrives and you hit your bet, it’s time to act brave – double your bet on the same spot for the next round.

Now the idea is simple – if you keep winning, then there’s no reason to slow down. Keep doubling your bet.

If it happens to lose, then it’s time to move back to your original bet.

Maybe you’re already starting to see that the most crucial thing about the reverse Martingale is timing. You shall know that this strategy is really risky, because if it happens to lose, then you are losing your entire earnings. Whay you have to do is have a really hot streak and leave before you suffer a loss. This is the critical point here. Follow us for more casino games rules and strategies 2020.