Useful slot terms you must know before playing

Useful slot terms you must know before playing


If you’ve decided to play some slot machines, we can congratulate you on this – slots are really fun. They don’t require some specific skills in order to play them, but this is also part of the reason why they are so addictive – you can just have fun playing them, without making tough calculations or decisions. Let us give you some important info about the terms you must know before playing. Expect more info like this in our slots how to play articles in future.


Autospin – this is for the lazy folks. The autospin function allows you to continue betting with a certain amount of money, without having to push the spin button everytime. Honestly, we don’t understand why you’d do this – pushing the button is part of the pleasure here.


Bet Max – every machine has it. This is the maximum amount of credits you can bet on the particular slot machine.


Certified Slots – these are the slot machines which can guarantee you a payout of 98%-100%. You can’t miss them in the casino, because they are usually marked.


Loose slot – the casino lovers are calling loose slots the slot machines which are paying out pretty frequently. But in most of the cases, they are well hidden. You have to find them.


Multiplier – the multiplier is a bonus function which allows your payments to be multiplied. It’s a pretty good thing to happen to you.


Bonus feature – usually the most popular slot machines are giving you the chance to enjoy a bonus feature, which can include some wild cards that are increasing your profits. Free spins, too.


Cashback – if you’re a regular to the casino and you have a membership card, then you can have some rewards. It depends on the casino, though.


These are some of the important slot terms you have to know before starting to play slot machines. Keep following us for more useful slots how to play tutorials in future.